We are developing a Canadian Index for Child and Youth Well-being - aka a tool to measure how well children and young people are doing in Canada.

We want your help us put the pieces to the "Canadian Index for Child and Youth Well-being" puzzle together. We need young people in the room to help us understand how to design this tool, and make sure it works for them. This design lab will bring together young people, and design experts for a fun interactive day with the goal of designing a framework to measure the well-being of Canada's kids.

Each young person that attends will get a $50 honoraria, and lunch will be provided.

What is the Canadian Index for Child and Youth Well-being? The Index is a tool we are developing to understand what well-being means to children and young people in Canada, measure it, and track Canada's progress.

What is an ‘Architecture Lab’? At the lab, we will be exploring how to present all of the information included in the Index (things like health, where I live, my sense of belonging, having a pet...). We are going to explore how all the pieces to the well-being puzzle fit together, and spend time developing examples of what this Index might look like




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