PARC 2019 Programming

 All programs will be held at 469 Pape Avenue from 5:30 to 8:00pm. Dinner and TTC tokens will be provided.


Mondays: The Entrepreneurship Program                             

The Entrepreneurship program is for youth interested in exploring and developing their Passion into Purpose in the business field. The program aims to provide informative workshops in areas such as developing a plan and pitch, exploring networking opportunities, financials and connecting youth to entrepreneurial training supports. A series of guest speakers adds a great learning opportunity into the world of business.

Start date: October 15, 2018

To register, please contact Asifa Malik at (416) 462-1010 ext. 26 or


Tuesdays: YOLO -“Youth Organizing Life Outside (of Care)”

YOLO,  which stands for Youth Organizing Life Outside (of care) offers youth ages 15-19 a safe space to develop and build upon a variety of skills that will help them as they transition out of care.  In addition to life skills, youth are able to develop supportive relationships with other youth in care and this group provides them with an introduction to PARC and the variety of supports available to them as they transition out of care. Topics include: PC-Cooking classes, Sexual health workshops, Nutrition

Food safety, Self-esteem, Financial Literacy with match savings.

Start date: October 15, 2018

To register, please contact Asifa Malik at (416) 462-1010 ext. 26 or


Wednesdays: Ahead of the Game with Jonathan Hood B.A. (HONS), M.A.

Jonathan Hood is a professional athlete, motivational speaker, personal coach and youth mentor. Jonathan will be facilitating a Group Mentoring designed for Black youth in or leaving care.

Themes: Identity, Self-confidence, Self-Image, Communication, Overcoming Adversity, Vision

Program Goals: To empower black youth who are in care to understand and be confident in who they are, to empower black youth to take responsibility for their actions and identity and to equip black youth  with a general understanding of personal purpose and vision creation.


Session Two (January 30, 2019-April 25th, 2019): 6 week female oriented program

To register, please contact Denise Reid at (416) 462-1010 ext. 31 or


Thursdays: Strive For Success

This new program is designed for youth aged 17 – 25 who are in their final year of high school or entering post-secondary studies. Youth will learn the skills required to navigate their high school to post-secondary experience. Our objective is to provide a supportive and safe environment to teach youth valuable life skills, while allowing them to share their questions and concerns about this new venture.  Topics include: study habits, exam preparation, how to access resources at their school, college or university, assistance in applying to post-secondary programs, OSAP funding and scholarship opportunities, healthy relationships, self-care, financial literacy with a matched savings component, cooking healthy meals and housing.

Start date: October 11, 2018

To register, please contact Corey Raycraft at (416) 462-1010 ext. 22 or

& Zorica Gacic (416) 462-1010 ext. 29 or