SPOT is accepting applications

We are  currently recruiting for SPOT and  applications are due in  two weeks from now (Sep 18). Thanks for helping the youth in filling out the application form and emailing or faxing it to Audrey  Batterham. A reminder about SPOT is below and this info is in the flyers attached and on the top of the application form.  Feel free to call or encourage them to call if they have questions.



The Satellite Peer Outreach Training teaches young people to promote safer sex and drugs among their peers. It includes:

·         6 weeks of training, 6 weeks of work

·         3-4 days a week for 6-9 hours (workshops run in afternoons; work includes evening                     hours)

·         Paid cash, $12 an hour for whole 12 weeks

·         21 workshops on anti-oppression, harm reduction, safer sex and more

·         Work includes: street outreach, kit-making, facilitating educational activities and more

·         Most activities take place at Eva’s Satellite




SPOT is geared towards young people ages 16 to 24 who currently or formerly use drugs. SPOT is accessible to youth who deal with problematic substance use, and who are homeless, street-involved, or unstably housed.

FYI, Youth doesn’t 100% have to identify as a person who uses substances or ex-substance user. They would have to have some passion for the topic of safer sex/drugs, running programs, and have some kind of experience that would give them some insights into harm reduction (e.g. a family member who uses).


Natasha Grant

Residential Supervisor

Eva's Satelite

25 Canterbury Place

North York. ON M2N 0E3

416-229-1874 ext 211