Youth Council looking for memebers

We are looking for 8-10 committed youth leaders between the ages of  15-29 who would like to contribute to the Youth Council.  The meeting takes place this Thursday, July 26 between 11am - 4pm at H Bar Toronto, 895 Queen St. W.

First Work is launching a Youth Council, to engage youth from our communities to lead and have their input on the design and development of various youth initiatives. Please advise your youth of this critical opportunity to have their voices heard and shape programs that affect their realities.  If you know any youth that would be interested in participating in this Youth Council, please feel free to forward them this email.

Benefits to Participating:

  • Gain Skills – more importantly- garner leadership skills
  • Gain exposure to a large network of professionals and peers
  • Opportunity to make a lasting impact

Should you have any questions, please direct inquiries to Jessica Ketwaroo-Green at (647) 703-8053.